About Us

About Us

Arrowsoft is unique. A bold statement indeed, but we believe it's true. Not because of the diverse set of propositions we offer, nor is it because of the wide range of great clients that we work for across an ever increasing variety of sectors. It isn't because of the fantastic things that we deliver and that our clients keep coming back to us for more either.

We are unique because of our people. We have a blend of talent that you will usually only find in similar companies of a larger size. As a people company our employees and associates are our biggest asset and we recognise that making things happen in business is all about having the right people with the right skills and experience to do the job in the most effective way possible. Our people have joined us to be part of a growing community that are committed and passionate about delivering the best outcome for our clients. On top of this, supported by the thinksolutionvalues, they each possess the magic ingredient that makes them great to work with. Please explore this website to find out more and see what we can do for your business. Don’t forget that as we are a people company we’d love to talk with you too.

Our Skills

Languages: C#, PHP, Javascript.
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Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB.
70% Complete (success)
Frameworks: Yii, Bootstrap,AngularJS,Jquery.
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Build tools: Hudson, CruiseControl, Anthill Pro.
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Code management: Git, Assembla.
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Test: Selenium IDE, J-Unit
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Our History

Arrowsoft was founded in 2011 by Harunur Rashid, Nahidur Rahman, Rashedul Islam,Kobir Choudhry and Rajesh Datta. But for various reasons 3 left the firm. What started as a buzzing melting point of ideas to launch dot com companies which were not even created at the time (think just-eat, e-harmony, campusfood.com), we slowly realised that the company needed an income stream to fund these initiatives. Prior to setting up Arrowsoft, all 5 of us were computer science graduates working for Orbit Solution ltd . Most important of all, we were all very good friends who even lived together for a while. Through word of mouth and referrals, we started to undertake various IT project. These ranged from implementing servers onto network, website design services and bespoke programming requirements. Our unique skill sets enabled us to understand the IT landscape and apply our skills and experience to clients similar to us who demanded enterprise grade IT services. Whilst our ideas stayed on the shelves collecting dust and others launched the same ideas themselves, we found the micro business had grown organically into a fully operational business. We were enjoying our work and pushing ourselves to improve every day.

Our Values


We respect the values and objectives of the people we work with.


We value commercial delivery over purity of architectural design.


We prize ongoing and mutually beneficial client relationships.


We will communicate complexity in a straightforward way.


We want to enjoy the journey with you.

What people say About us

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